Our garage is usually that space that we use to store all our things that may be interfering with the other rooms of the house, it is usually the place of our sports equipment, cleaning utensils, seasonal decorations, tools and others. But it is also usually a room that we do not usually pay too much attention to as it is not “in plain sight”.

Being our home storage place par excellence, it is easy for disorder to reign in the home garage. Each element out of its place will not only look bad but can also be dangerous, especially if we have small children, so it is important to find order in the chaos and get the most out of your garage.

In this post you will find the best tips to organize that space in your home, with ideas that will be very useful to take advantage of each space.

The first thing you have to take into account is the size of the garage and the space available; that is, the space that you have left with your vehicles inside (car, motorcycles, truck), which is really the space that you must prepare to store your things. Once you know what space you have, consider adding lighting, since home garages are usually low-light places, so we recommend redecorating by painting the walls with warm colors and adding some lights.

It’s also a good idea to consider painting beyond the garage walls and adding color to the driveway to the house and stairs, if you have one. Use paints that are resistant and easy to clean.

Once you have taken the first steps you can start organizing.

How to arrange the tools?

Our tools are stored in every garage, and there are many ways to arrange them to keep them organized. The simplest thing is to have a shelf or work table with kitchen cabinets, but to this you can add some details that will adapt perfectly as boxes to deposit certain types of tools:

  • The boxes and drawers are always very useful when storing, you can also paint or decorate them according to your taste. Many multipurpose boxes are stackable and this allows them to take up less space.
  • The vertical panels are also an excellent option for the garage, in them you can hang all your tools or other objects.
  • Pegboards are another very good option for binding tools and arranging them in a neat manner.

     Another good option is to add a cork plate to your garage so that, using hooks, it is easier for you to organize your tools and hang them on a wall.

But since we not only leave our tools (mechanical, gardening, etc.) in the garage, then we need more to be able to organize everything.

Use bookshelves or lockers

If you have enough space, you can consider placing shelves on one or more walls, so they can be used and more space is added to store objects.

In the home garage it is useful to install shelves that can be made of wood (preferably thick) or metal. The most common are usually the metallic ones since they have greater support and thus the weight will not bend or break them so easily.

Lockers for their part can be used to store objects of all kinds. A good idea is to buy several old lockers and assign each one to a family member so that everyone can store their own things.

Use the garage roof

The roof of the home garage is a place that we rarely know how to use, and it helps us to clear and organize. If the ceiling is high enough you will have the possibility of storing using hanging drawers .

With a shelf on the ceiling you can hang your fishing rods and thus remove them from the middle. You can install one made of wood or any material since it is not a large and heavy accessory.

In the same way, some hooks on the roof can be used to anchor your bike. You just have to make sure that they are very firm and that they are made of a resistant material.

Other ideas

If you don’t like hanging your bike on the roof, you can always consider hanging it (or hanging it) on the wall. You can take advantage of the surface to add hooks, shelves or ropes to attach almost anything, including your family’s bikes. By means of a post in a corner, you could also hang your bikes, one on top of the other, without them getting in the way or becoming a danger when crossing your garage.

A wire wall basket will solve the problem of footballs or balls that tend to be scattered everywhere. It is an idea that is also very useful and very decorative.

It will be very helpful to plan a garage sale from time to time, so that in this way you get rid of the objects that you no longer use and also in a certain way force yourself and yours to review and order this space in the house.

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